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About Me

I am a Sport and Exercise Psychologist in Training under the BASES accreditation route (SEPAR), regulated by the Health Care Professionals Council (HCPC).
All of the work I do is in line with the SEPAR and HCPC guidelines.


I am a Sport and Exercise Psychologist in Training under the BASES accreditation route (SEPAR) with a wealth of experiences and clients across a range of settings including St. Andrews University Golf Club, Strathallan Rugby Academy, Dundee Swim Club, Choi Kwang-Do, Physiotherapy & FA Grassroots Football.


Working under the supervision of Dr. Laura Carey who has vast experience within the field of Sport and Exercise Psychology including working in elite sport.


I can work across a range of settings and support a range of professionals within a performance context. I can work with you to tailor the psychology offered to suit your needs. See Services.

Personal Values & Passions 

My personal values and beliefs include empathy, compassion, reflectiveness and being non-judgmental. These are qualities I strive to embody in my practice.

I am highly passionate about youth sport and personal development within sport. I enjoy blogging about modern day issues within Sport and Exercise and I actively follow a range of sports to develop my understanding of psychological issues across different contexts.


Given my experiences and holistic approach to practice I can work with a broad range of age groups, however, my background in teaching has helped me develop a robust interest in working within youth sport.

PE Class
Throwing Caps


Doctorate level training qualification- Sport and Exercise Psychology Accreditation Route (SEPAR), In progress.


MSc Sport and Exercise Psychology 


BSc Psychology


As a practitioner I believe that effective performance psychology encompasses the coming together of client’s experiences with psychological tools to enhance performance. I, therefore, take a holistic approach to practice, whereby, I value getting to know the human behind the athlete/performer as I understand that effective performance can sometimes be influenced by a range of factors.


I believe that for psychological principles and therapies to be effective for performance an interactive dual process is required, whereby, performers will occasionally be given tasks to engage with in between sessions and during sessions.

Running Outdoors
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